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We are again back with an awesome new tutorial of how to download Android apps on PC. It can also be asked as how to download android apk files on PC using Google Play.
Google Play is the Google’s store of applications and the devices (Nexus) launched by Google. So, there are millions of Android apps and games are available for download for free in Play Store.
If you own an Android device (a smartphone or a tablet) you must have noticed that there is always a problem of downloading an Android app on your device everytime when you hard reset your device (in order to keep your phone protected from various malwares and errors).

What is Need of Downloading Android Apps on PC (.apk files) using Google Play Store?

So, if you have reset your device then the factory settings of the device’s software is software and all your Android applications will be uninstalled automatically. So, it is quite a hectic work to again download and install those apps again. logo 1
In the whole, it is very time consuming and a lot of your phone’s data pack’s MBs are wasted in this process. So, we have a method to save your time and the MBs. You just download android apps on PC (apps of your concern) and save their .apk files from Google Play on PC.
You can thus copy those files into your Android device’s memory (we recommend to use external memory card as its storage purpose). So, whenever you require installing an app, you can simply browse for the folder keeping the android .apk file and double click on it to install it.
So, this method is going to be very useful. So now question arises that how to download android apps on PC from Google Play Store? Don’t worry, below is the easy tutorial of the whole procedure.

How to Download Android Apps on PC (.apk Files) from Google Play?

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You will have to first meet the requirement criteria and then only can move further. So, the requirement criteria is:
An Android device
An official Gmail ID
Google Chrome browser
APK Downloader Extension
I know you can meet the top three requirements and the fourth requirement (apk downloader extension) has been provided by us in a link given below in step 1:
STEP 1 – Download APK Downloader Extension. — The 1.4.3.crx file will be downloaded which is the Chrome extension.


STEP 2 – Open your chrome browser and enter the address in URL as “chrome://extensions”. Pressing on enter key will take you to the extensions page.
STEP 3 – Now drag and drop the 1.4.3.crx file into the extensions page of Chrome as shown in the icture given below.
STEP 4 – Confirm new extension by clicking on Add button in the image shown below. Then your APK downloader extension will be installed very easily on your Chrome.
STEP 5 – Now you have to take your Android device. Enable its data pack or Wi-Fi (whichever module you use to browse internet) and then open Google Play Store to search for Device ID. Download and Install this app on your device. If you are unable to do so, follow this link on your android device.
STEP 6 – Launch the Device ID application on your Android device and note down the Device ID and email address for requirement in next steps.
STEP 7 – Now come to your PC and click on the Options in the below image (the extensions page of chrome).
STEP 8 – So, the options will have three requirements: Email ID, Password and Android Device ID. The first two should be your official Gmail ID’s username and password. And the third one is the device ID which you had noted in the step 6. After filling, click on Login button.
STEP 9 – So, now just open the required app on Chrome on PC (whose .apk file is to be downloaded). Click on the extension having download icon just next to the URL to download the .apk file of the application. Look at the below image.
So, you have now downloaded android app on pc from Google Play Store. Isn’t it very amazing way? Please like and share us on Facebook and Twitter, if your liked this post.


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