How to Activate Windows 8 Using Activator and Activation License Key?


Since, the new laptops/desktops/PCs are coming with the pre-loaded Windows 8 operating system. But there are some people who buy the systems with the DOS operating system, on which you can download any of the OS (Linux, Windows XP/7/8 and others).
So, for such systems, there are maximum chances of buying Windows 8 from the unofficial sources or downloading the pirated version of OS, so they need to activate the Windows 8 which in future help them to update the Windows automatically, which is very necessary. logo window 8 Activate Windows 8 Using Activator License Key, Activate Windows 8 Using Activation License Key

How to activate Windows 8 using Activator and Activation license Key?

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So, it is highly recommended to activate Windows 8 with any method. It is very important as many security updates are provided by Microsoft timely which can be downloaded only if you have your system with activated Windows 8 OS.
So, I am going to save your valuable time to waste on web for fake methods on web. I have shared two methods to activate Windows 8 which can be used by the users to activate Windows 8 very fast in a matter of 2-3 minutes.
So, now look at the two methods for the Windows 8 Activation.


METHOD 1 – Activate Windows 8 using Activation License key

Well this method will be only useful if you have got the genuine Windows 8 activation license key from the retailer. So, if you have genuine license key, follow the easy steps given below:
STEP 1 – Firstly, move the cursor of the mouse at the bottom-right part of the desktop, it will thus open a toolbar (vertical) having the Settings, Start and Search options.
STEP 2 – To our concern is the Search option in which you will have to enter cmd in order to open the command prompt.
STEP 3 – Type slui 3 in the opened cmd and then press the enter key to open the Windows 8 activation window.
NOTE: You have to provide a space between slui and 3 in the above code to be typed in cmd.
STEP 4 – Now click on the Product key and enter your Activation license key in it and click on Activate button.
As soon as you press Activate button, your Windows will be activated and you are done.
For the users, who cannot activate using the above method, then it should be understood that their activation key is of no use and is fake. So, they may try the second method.

METHOD 2 – Activate Windows 8 using Activator tool

This is a very easy method which really activates your Windows 8 without any need of activation license key. So, explore the steps of this method to complete your task easily.
STEP 1Download Windows 8 Activator file
STEP 2 – Extract the zip file into a folder and open the folder.
STEP 3 – Double click on the Activator setup to activate Windows 8. Your PC will automatically restart after few seconds.
NOTE: If you get any kind of threat message or warning message then do not panic rather ignore them.
STEP 4 – Now you can check the activation status of the Windows for the final confirmation of windows 8 activation.
So, finally you have activated your Windows 8. Now you can download and update your Windows 8 required updates of the Microsoft to keep your system secure and safe.


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