10 Professions That Impress Women The Most


Although a man should not be judged by his job just like the women should not be judged by her dress but the truth is it happens all the time. It might sound absurd but the truth is there are certain professions that are glamorous enough to bag some extra attention of girls.

Gone are the days when all the girls were taken by engineers, doctors or government servants, now is the time of six-pack abs and charm. While securing yourself a date at some point of the conversation she’ll be interested in knowing about what you do to earn your bread, at that point mention of one of these professions is surely going to give you an edge.


 They are the risk takers who don’t settle for less. It may not be easy to be an entrepreneur, but it is one of the hottest jobs to impress women. They admire the courage, independence and the perseverance. And if have hit the jackpot early and are a young achiever, be prepared to have women drooling over you. An entrepreneur is interpreted as an able leader, a self-made man, a go-getter and this makes him a textbook chick-magnet.


It’s not a surprise because every woman falls for a man who can cook! Indeed for the women also the way to her heart is through her stomach. No woman can find the strength to resist a guy who has the skills to whip up a sinful delight in her kitchen. And if you are lucky enough to be a pastry chef (without a pot shaped belly), you can literally compel the women to eat out of your hands

Army Guy

Army guys are strictly trained and very much disciplined and courtesy of this they are chivalrous and have great physique, a formidable combination to attract a girl. Moreover, no matter in which battalion or group you are placed she’ll only associate the image of a protector with you which is a big plus.


Rockstars have always been the apples of women’s eyes. You can hold the infectious energy of a concert responsible for this but dating an artist really excites them. Music is considered as the medium to touch souls, and if you are the creator of music you can easy charm your way through the world of women. 



There hardly any woman out there who wouldn’t wish to be snapped at her beautiful best every time. The only way they can do this is having a boyfriend who’s a photographer. The artistic style of the photographers is something which the women appreciates a lot. A photographer who travels a lot is one of the best boyfriend materials.


With their expertise in mixing, Bartenders can spell style and sophistication. Thanks to years of witnessing numerous guys getting themselves embarrassed at bars, they know best of the pick-up lines. When coupled with the fact that they have access to the best parties, booze, and yes, the best gossip! Makes this profession charming enough to be included in this list. 


Forget women, Pilot is a dream job for approximately half of the male population. Being a pilot literally takes you places. Immaculately dressed, well-travelled, well-read, and not to forget, handsomely paid. No one can blame the women for falling for them. There isn’t any woman who can ever resist the charm of a handsome pilot strutting about the airport in his crispy white uniform and aviators. 


Although it differs from women to women but generally women adore pets and the bond between them and their pets is very strong. Women find the veterinarians to understand this bond and their ability to connect with the pets at the same emotional levels is very much appreciated by women. Isn’t this what women need, someone who can understand their feelings?


Girls find them submissive, and nurturing. Apart from this they are intelligent, dedicated and hard-working also. Because of their profession they are very calm and rarely get ruffled. Their confident assertiveness is a big turn on for the women. Not to forget the uniform which is a sign of authority and really turns the women on.

Fashion Designers

When love guys having overall fashion sense. A fashion designer can give them all they want; complements, fashion suggestions and even hot dresses. And not to forget their find a shopping partner (whose equally excited to go shopping) in their boyfriends something which they don’t get easily.

Well, if your profession or dream doesn’t feature in this list then just don’t change it because that won’t do justice to the whole “Do what your Heart Says” ideology. Just be the best in whatever profession you opt and girls will automatically attract towards you.


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